Materials Accepted

*Due to market conditions as of October 19, 2015 we can no longer pay for steel.   We can still accept it for collection .  

We accept all types of metals, with the exception of full vehicles.  We do not accept plastic, paper or glass, although we encourage you to do so through other recycling channels. If you have items in your home or business that are ready to be thrown away and you're not sure if they can be recycled, give us a call and we'll let you know!
  • Aluminum cans and tabs 
  • Aluminum - extrusions, siding, cast, sheet, clip, litho, rims, wire, foil, radiators 
  • Copper - piping and wires 
  • Brass - plumbing fixtures, car radiators 
  • Stainless steel - sinks and plumbing fixtures 
  • Miscellaneous - car batteries, carbide, lead 
  • cell phones 
  • various computer parts
*Federal Law requires a valid photo I.D. to complete ALL transactions*
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